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Target's Massive Board Game Sale Includes Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, Marvel, And More

Dozens of popular board games are included in Target's latest sale, including Pandemic, Star Wars Legion, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and more.


Target is running a gigantic buy one, get one 50% off sale that includes dozens of hit board games. Even if you can't find two board games that catch your eye, you'll find plenty of video games, books, puzzles, and other items eligible for the savings--making it easy to check off items on your wishlist for cheap. You'll need to sign up for Target Circle to enjoy the B1G1 50% off event, though signing up is free and takes just a minute.

A bunch of Marvel board games are part of Target's event, including Marvel Splendor, which costs just $40 and sees you piecing together a team of superheroes to stop Thanos from taking over the Multiverse. For something a bit different, you can pick up Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game for $97, which includes tons of miniatures and sees the team of iconic Avengers turned into undead monsters. It's on the zanier side of Marvel board games, but it's still a fun, strategic way to spend your game night.

Star Wars Legion
Star Wars Legion

The Star Wars Legion: Core Set is arguably one of the coolest games in Target's catalog. The competitive two-player title sees you leading your troops into battle and features familiar faces like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Best of all, it comes with dozens of miniatures to help create a sense of scale for your skirmishes. Other notable Star Wars games include Star Wars: Outer Rim for $60 and Pandemic: Star Wars The Clone Wars for $48.

If you prefer a fantasy setting, take a look at The Witcher: Old World for $100. This epic board game supports between 1-5 players and tasks them with traveling across the map to tackle a variety of different quests. There'll be plenty of moral dilemmas and challenging monster encounters, making it feel much like the iconic video games. Another great option is The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth, which is a cooperative board game that uses a companion app to help guide the action.

Since Civilization 7 was just announced, why not dive into Civilization: A New Dawn Board Game? It's reasonably priced at $44, comes with gorgeous illustrations on its board and cards, and it even offers a "streamlined form of gameplay" so you won't be up all night for a single match. If you prefer Warhammer 40,000, check out Space Marine: The Board Game, as it gets you a bundle of miniatures, a 40-page handbook to help get started, and fast-paced action that runs for around 30 minutes per game. With Space Marine 2 launching later this year, it's a great way to bide time.

Looking for something lighthearted or more suitable for kids? Then take a look at Sonic Roll for $46, the Mega Man Adventures Board Game for $46, and the Super Mario Adventure Game Deluxe for $40. The first two are a bit more complex and best for teens, while the Mario game is essentially a handheld obstacle course suitable for ages five and up.

Other great deals include Betrayal at Baldur's Gate and Small World of Warcraft. The former is a twist on Avalon Hill's Betrayal at House on the Hill, while the latter is a world-building game that has you attempting to control as much of Azeroth as possible.

If you want to add even more board games to your collection than those listed above, you'll find all the best deals below.

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