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Sea Of Thieves Is Giving You A Ship With Flamethrowers In Season 13

Sail Flameheart's very own ship in Sea of Thieves Season 13.


When Sea of Thieves Season 13 launches on July 25, it'll come with a new world event that will let players sail the lore's most villainous and powerful galleon, Flameheart's Burning Blade. With it, players will be able to instill fear in anyone they come across at sea, as the behemoth of a boat is loaded with a unique front-facing flamethrower--and likely other buffs.

Getting behind the wheel of this thing is going to be quite a power fantasy, which should also mean overcoming the odds and sinking The Burning Blade will come with lots of rewards. Sea of Thieves Season 13 arrives on July 25 and is free for all players.

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